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Bench and Placemat Advertising!


ADVERTISING WITH IMPACT! Placemat advertising enhances advertising opportunities as it targets an audience during a time where they are most likely relaxing. A patron usually waits ten to fifteen minutes for their food to arrive. Those ten to fifteen minutes present a valuable advertising opportunity as opposed to accosting people while they are on the go. The fact that the placemat advertisements are laid on the dining table maximizes exposure, as they are placed on an area which cannot be ignored.

Bench Advertising gives more BANG for the buck

Our prices range from $100 per month for "Prime" locations to $75 per month for "Standard" locations. We remain well below the National average of $250 per month for Outdoor Advertising.

Albro Bench Advertising Gives you the exposure you need, at the price you want.

NEW!! Restaurant Placemat Advertising!

Our beautifully designed Placemats are a great way to reach potential customers. These Placemats are being used in restaurants all over Chautauqua County. Dont miss this Great, low cost chance to Advertise. Availability is limited!

Vinyl signs and Stickers

  • Car
  • Martz Observatory
  • Windows
  • Signs

Over 150 Benches !

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Chautauqua County

Locations in Jamestown, Falconer, Frewsburg, Kennedy, Lakewood, and more.

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Erie County

Right in the heart of the City of Erie.

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Allegany County

Dont forget the smaller places, we have benches in small towns that are often overlooked.

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Cattaraugus County

Reach new customers in the beautiful City of Olean, and more.

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Warren County

Get new exposure with our friends in Warren Co.